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Whats included

Tablet, mini controller and Bluetooth stethoscope


 Easy access to 40 sounds

Easy access to 60 sounds

upload your own sounds

5 pre-loaded simulation scenarios

Portable blutooth speaker

Easy access to 110 sounds



Ability to create and save your own scenarios


  • Intuitive and with quick set up. You will be doing your first simulation in minutes.

  • Small, compact/lightweight mini hand controller is easily concealed.

  • Both Sim Specialists and SP's can control sounds.

  • Simulates sounds anywhere on the body with no other marks or equipment.

  • Use your knowledge to find natural landmarks.

  • Lets you control the scenario from behind the glass of most control rooms.

  • Connect devices quickly and seamlessly.

  • Scalable interactive learning modules for future versions.

  • Controlled by Android tablet.

  • All sounds easily accessible on one device.

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