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1 Year Parts & Labor Warranty

Our newly developed Infant & Pediatric Ventriloscope® allows users to simulate realistic, high quality, normal and abnormal pediatric sounds. This system includes both infant and adolescent LIVE heads, allowing users to hear live patient sounds OR utilize the Ventriloscope's live-patient recordings.

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You Asked, We DELIVERED!

  • Includes interchangeable infant & adolescent live stethoscope heads

  • Simulate realistic, high-quality normal and abnormal sound libraries of live patient recordings - never simulated or computer-generated

  • Easy to use

  • Includes more than 90 Pediatric sounds organized for use with PALS teaching cases

  • Designed for individual or large group training and assessment

  • Ideal for high-stakes testing

  • Backed by research - See details

  • For use with any skill set - Increases confidence in beginners and assesses adeptness in experienced pupils

  • Increases retention by using multiple senses

  • Hear and assess actual patient/manikin sounds and/or sounds from Lecat's sound library

  • Portable and Flexible - create your own pathology on anything, anywhere, any time

  • Broadcast sounds for group and classroom learning *Bose speakers included with Educator's Package

  • Synchronize heart sounds with a patient’s or mannequin’s pulse using our Heart Trigger

  • Rugged and Reliable - will not break easily

"After a brief teaching session, we have the residents go through a series of standardized patients.

The Ventriloscope® is nice because it's obviously difficult for the actors to fake murmurs. It allows us to make the cases more realistic and incorporate actual heart sounds for teaching purposes."

What's included?

There are two popular packages for purchasing Lecat's Infant & Pediatric Ventriloscope®. For custom quantities and packages please contact us

Infant & Pediatric Ventriloscope

Educator's Package

Infant & Pediatric Ventriloscope

Standard Package

Ventriloscope LIVE Transmitter (1)

Ventriloscope LIVE Receiver (1)

12 Standard Sound Files SD card (1)

Interchangeable Infant and Adolescent LIVE Heads (1ea)

1 Year Warranty (1)

Aluminum Carrying Case (1)

Master Pediatric Sound Library (1)

BOSE High-Definition Speakers (1)

Extended 1 Year Warranty

Suggested Accessories


Lung Trigger™

Heart Trigger™


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