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competing products

"Going into the session, I did not appreciate the power of your product. It is clearly far advanced compared to competing products"

A Wide Range of

learning styles

"I have been using the Ventriloscope® in my assessment workshops that I conduct during the semester, and I am happy to say that I absolutely love using it! The students are awestruck by its capabilities; it really adds realism into a classroom and opens up wide range of active learning and different learning styles"



"After a brief teaching session, we have the residents go through a series of standardized patients.

The Ventriloscope® is nice because it's obviously difficult for the actors to fake murmurs. It allows us to make the cases more realistic and incorporate actual heart sounds for teaching purposes."



"We currently own three of Lecat's Ventriloscopes® and are purchasing one more soon. From my experience and research I have done, it is the best product on the market for having SPs simulate normal and abnormal heart/lung/vascular/percussion sounds during an assessment. Our patients find it pretty user friendly and after some extra time (less than 30min) added to their normal case training, they are able to efficiently function it with minimal error... it add{s} to the experience of actually listening to a patient compared to listening to sounds on a computer. The more senses you can involve from the student and higher the fidelity of the situation, learning is dramatically improved."

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