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1 Year Parts & Labor Warranty

Lecat's Ventriloscope LIVE, our latest simulation stethoscope, allows for users to combine the natural sounds of their standardized patient or manikin with the high-quality sound library of Lecat's original Ventriloscope.  Use the Ventriloscope hand held device to employ abnormal findings. Simulates heart, lung, bowel, bruit, blood pressure and more!

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A More Efficient Training Tool

  • Backed by research - See details

  • High-quality adult and pediatric sound libraries of real patient recordings - never simulated or computer-generated

  • For use with any skill set. Increases confidence in beginners and assesses adeptness in experienced pupils

  • Currently used in various teaching programs, including medical, nursing, respiratory, physician assistant, military, EMT, chiropractic, high school, and more

  • Increases retention by using multiple senses

  • Hear and assess actual patient/manikin sounds AND sounds from Lecat's real-patient recording, adult & pediatric libraries 

  • Portable and flexible - create your own pathology on anything, anywhere, any time

  • Broadcast sounds for large groups and classroom learning.  *Bose speakers included with Educator's Package

  • Synchronize heart sounds with a patient’s or manikin's pulse using our Heart Trigger™

  • Change character, timing and loudness of murmurs with patient maneuvers

  • Rugged and reliable 

"I have been using the Ventriloscope in my assessment workshops that I conduct during the semester and I am happy to say that I absolutely love using it. The students are awestruck by its capabilities; it really adds realism into a classroom and opens up wide range of active learning and different learning styles"

What's included?

There are two popular packages for purchasing Lecat's Ventriloscope® LIVE. For custom quantities and packages please contact us

Ventriloscope LIVE

Educator's Package

Ventriloscope LIVE

Standard Package

Ventriloscope LIVE Transmitter (1)

Ventriloscope LIVE Receiver (1)

12 Standard Sound Files (1)

1 Year Warranty (1)

Aluminum Carrying Case (1)

Master Sound Library (100+ sounds)

BOSE High-Definition Speakers (1)

Extended 1 Year Warranty

Suggested Accessories





Heart Trigger™


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