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1 Year Parts & Labor Warranty

Lecat's Master Clinician Stethoscope is a recording stethoscope for all levels. Using your Android device, users can immediately record live patient sounds. The Master Clinician Stethoscope also allows users to share sounds bedside with additional listeners!


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A Recording Stethoscope for all Skill Levels

  • Record sounds from the patient directly into your Andriod based device

  • Physicians, PAs and Nurses can share sounds with patient's family members and consulting specialists

  • Listen from any device, website (w/heart sounds), and other sources

  • Send sounds to 5 or more listeners using the Ventrilophone simultaneously

  • Share sounds and findings with multiple students and educators with upgrade package

  • Compare and contrast patients' sounds instantly with recorded abnormal/normal sounds using Ventriloscope transmitter

  • Functions as an excellent high-quality stethoscope

  • Upgrade available for multiple listeners

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