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Lecat's Master Clinician Stethoscope is a recording stethoscope for all levels. Using your IPhone or Android device, users can immediately record live patient sounds. The Master Clinician Stethoscope also allows users to share sounds bedside with additional listeners!

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A Recording Stethoscope for all Skill Levels

  • Record sounds from the patient directly into your IPhone or Andriod based device

  • Physicians, PAs and Nurses can share sounds with patient's family members and consulting specialists

  • Listen from any device, website (w/heart sounds), and other sources

  • Send sounds to 5 or more listeners simultaneously

  • Share sounds and findings with multiple students and educators with upgrade package

  • Compare and contrast patients' sounds instantly with recorded abnormal/normal sounds using Ventriloscope transmitter

  • Functions as an excellent high-quality stethoscope

  • Upgrade available for multiple listeners

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