Backed by Research

Lecat's Ventriloscope® was the first of its kind. Today, it remains the only simulation stethoscope that is backed by research. Click below to view our recommended reading lists of applicable articles, scholarly journals and text books. 

High-Quality Sounds

The Lecat library is the most extensive collection of high-quality live patient recordings of normal and abnormal heart, lung, bowel, bruit and Korotkoff sounds. Contact us below to request a list of Pediatric or Adult sounds. 


Lecat's Ventriloscope® products are designed to benefit learners of various levels and programs, from basic fundamentals to specialty practices. Click below to read what users from various disciplines are saying.

Doc Lecat Medical Background
Multisensory Learning
Pediatrician Examining Infant
Military Training Stethoscope
Teach Blood Pressure Simulation

Created by a Physician for Clinicians

Lecat’s Ventriloscope® LLC was established in 2008 by Dr. Paul and Fran Lecat. The Lecat’s founded the company on the principle that physical examination, when performed correctly, can reduce mortality through earliest recognition of deadly conditions. Frustrated by the inability to incorporate realistic abnormal sounds in teaching, Dr. Lecat invented and patented the technology behind the Ventriloscope®.

Dr. Lecat works at NEOMED’s College of Medicine, where is he a Professor of Internal Medicine, Pediatrics, and Family and Community Medicine. He has practiced Internal Medicine and Pediatrics at Cleveland Clinic Akron General.

Dr. Lecat earned a Bachelor’s of Science in Biology at Tulane University, where he was recognized with honors. He was also named Salutatorian in the Doctor of Medicine Program at the University at Buffalo (SUNY).

What makes Lecat's Ventriloscope® a leader in auscultation training?


  • The ultimate in high-fidelity simulation

  • Live patient recordings - not manufactured sounds

  • Large, high-quality library including heart, lung, bowel, bruit, Korotkoff, percussion and doppler findings

  • No visual cues to assist learner - encourages proper stethoscope placement

  • Heart Trigger Accessory allows for synchronization of patient or mannequin's pulse

  • Ventriloscope LIVE allows for stethoscope to operate as a normal stethoscope and obtain live patient sounds for added fidelity


  • May be used in classrooms or auditoriums, small groups, large groups, standardized patients, or with any mannequin

  • Use any MP3 sound recording - including your own sound files

  • Can be played through a speaker for group learning

  • Compatible with audio-capture software platforms for high-stakes testing

  • Customize our sounds to fit your simulation scenario

  • Seamlessly compare sounds - no delays


  • Complex electronically, but easy to operate

  • No reoccurring costs for accessories or maintenance 

  • Sounds transmit using a cutting edge communications chip that is several generations beyond Bluetooth

  • Transmissions hop more than 30 frequencies per second, selecting the clearest channel

  • FCC, CE approved

  • More than 98% of Lecat's products than were manufactured in the last 12 years are still working flawlessly today

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