Doc Lecat Medical Background

 A leader in auscultation training!


  • The ultimate in high-fidelity simulation

  • Live patient recordings - not manufactured sounds

  • Large, high-quality library including heart, lung, bowel, bruit, Korotkoff, percussion and doppler findings

  • No visual cues to assist learner - encourages proper stethoscope placement

  • Heart Trigger Accessory allows for synchronization of patient or mannequin's pulse

  • Ventriloscope LIVE allows for stethoscope to operate as a normal stethoscope and obtain live patient sounds for added fidelity


  • May be used in classrooms or auditoriums, small groups, large groups, standardized patients, or with any mannequin

  • Use any MP3 sound recording - including your own sound files

  • Can be played through a speaker for group learning

  • Compatible with audio-capture software platforms for high-stakes testing

  • Customize our sounds to fit your simulation scenario

  • Seamlessly compare sounds - no delays


  • Complex electronically, but easy to operate

  • No reoccurring costs for accessories or maintenance 

  • Sounds transmit using a cutting edge communications chip that is several generations beyond Bluetooth

  • Transmissions hop more than 30 frequencies per second, selecting the clearest channel

  • FCC, CE approved

  • More than 98% of Lecat's products than were manufactured in the last 12 years are still working flawlessly today


Our products qualify for this grant 

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The Most recent COVID-19 relief bill, includes a $22.7 billion higher education emergency fund, under the CARES ACT that has been extended until Dec 2021.